Unii stands for Universe and Union, for preservation of this universe, and union with all its inhabitants, people, animals and plants.

It plunges deep into nature to offer products as close as possible to it, authentic and true. It aspires to be the best food for your skin. Organic, of course! It is holistically, in nature, in the European pharmacopoeia and in the traditional recipes that we get inspiration, and it is to this ancient, slow and genuine world that we return to create our recipes. We add to this inspiration, science and dermatology and we have the new luxury created: the purity of the ingredients, the wisdom of nature and the performance of science. We offer several pure products, to which we are joining gradually to our creations, always in constant change and adaptation.

We want to have options for the whole family, of high quality at an affordable price and that adapt to all people and the most different types of situations. We are a brand of people to people. It is in our DNA to listen to customers, their concerns and create products that meet their needs. We are young and very committed! We want Unii – Organic Skin Food to evolve permanently by creating cool products, protecting the environment, animals and people. And also, be happy, cheerful and optimistic.

Because when you do what you like and at the same time take care of the planet and its inhabitants, it can only result in happiness, don’t you agree?


Unii results from the union of two sisters who want to change the way we buy and use cosmetic products.

We are two very close and friendly sisters, who in 2009 founded Organii in Lisbon, the first organic cosmetics shop in Portugal.

Catia is a pharmacist and Rita is an architect. Together we dream to offer good products with aesthetic and exemplary advice. In 2016 we began to outline this new project that we call Unii – Organic Skin Food. Our goal was to offer the purest line of cosmetic products that existed. Pure in ingredients and pure in intentions. We never thought about creating a brand in another factory, but rather having control over every small step of the production process. We want transparency and trust. In a very genuine and honest way. We want to be known for trust, in an industry where nothing and no one can be trusted.

We are a wonderful and multidisciplinary team: people from pharmacy, engineering, Chinese medicine, alchemy, beauticians, architecture, marketing and communication, students from Portuguese and international universities … we have joined friends with eczema and voila! A team of wisdom, many ears and many opinions!

“We are a brand of people to people, which aspire to be the best food for your skin.”

Rita Curica

The Factory

It’s the best factory in the world! This is where we fulfill our dreams and put our convictions into practice.

We do not use pre-made cosmetic bases, we do everything from scratch in our small factory. It allows us to have control over every small step of production process and binds us all in a very intense way to the products we create. We have a strict selection of ingredients, avoiding potentially aggressive synthetic products and chemicals. We know Portugal well, but we search them all over the world.

Our laboratory is our creative retreat. We are always thinking about how to extract the best actives from all the ingredients and how to make the best and purest products. Where nature accepts science, using craft techniques.

Throughout the factory, we have real environmental concerns present and gradually we are turning our factory into a sustainable ecosystem. Our ultimate goal is being a zero waste factory.

Very important: we do everything with a lot of love and care, thinking about all of us, users of these products!

Each product created by Unii always takes into account two factors – the environmental impact and the users of our products.

Unii Products

We are zero waste and despite the packaging we produce, we are always concerned about how we dispose of the waste we create.

We use recyclable glass jars, stone paper labels, we have collection points for our packaging to promote reuse, we are implementing bulk cosmetics units, looking for biodegradable packaging, using paper that does not come from the trees or uses chlorine, etc. . Thinking about all the ways to reuse and reduce our litter/waste. We always have in mind the 5R of Bea Johnson that we have implemented in our factory.

We are perfectionists, scientists, optimists and deeply ecologists.

We act locally, loyal to our roots, culture and traditions but always thinking about the world and for the world. We are Portuguese and that means to belong to the people of the Discoveries, those who called home to all the lands they went …

We want to produce real products for real people. Get in contact with us, we are waiting for you.

We are Unii: pure, genuine, Uniique and Uniiversal.


As someone who is conscious and concerned about the future, we develop products that respond to people’s needs and have the least possible impact on the life on the planet.

For more information about Unii brand and our products please feel free to contact us.