"We are purists. Only with our own factory, we can control the processes and quality of Unii products. Beyond that, we want to have a zero-waste factory."

Healthy Care, Happy Planet.

Two sisters wanted to change the world of cosmetics. Unii is the result of the will to produce the purest line of cosmetic products, of excellent quality, at accessible prices. Beauty as a consequence of health and a guarantee of sustainability.

Health from Nature.

All Unii cosmetics are made with natural and organic ingredients, to which we add holistic and traditional wisdom and scientific performance to promote the health and beauty of our bodies.

Naturally Effective.

“We are radical in our defence of the efficacy of Unii products, the health of those who use them, and the planet’s sustainability. We sacrifice the industry’s standardised presentation, aroma, texture, and colour. We reject the standardisation imposed by the consumer society.”

Own Manufacture

It is in Sintra, Portugal, that Unii products are born. Each product is honest, from creation to production. Everything is made from scratch with artisanal techniques without using pre-made cosmetic bases. “We have a rigorous selection of ingredients, avoiding synthetic products and potentially aggressive chemicals. We give preference to local ingredients but search the world over for the most effective organic ingredients.”

Organic Certified

The COSMOS certification guarantees that you can trust the products to be organic and natural. Cosmética Unii is certified Organic, Zero-waste, Vegan, Cruelty-free.  An international and independent non-profit association manages the COSMOS certificate.

Consciously Sustainable

United for a common good: the sustainable planet. We choose organic and biodegradable ingredients. We use sustainable packaging: glass, we reduce plastic and over-packaging. The paper used is a flint or recycled, chlorine-free. We think about how to recycle the waste we create. The Unii factory is a zero-waste factory. We believe that living with the essentials makes us happier.

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