Terms and Conditions


Delivery of products purchased from the UNII Online Store (Unibio Lda. hereinafter referred to as UNII) will be carried out by a courier delivery company. Delivery times in Portugal are normally set up for a maximum of 5 business days after order confirmation and payment (weekends and bank holidays are not considered business days). Nevertheless, there might be variations depending on the specific circumstances of each order, such as: availability of selected item(s) or the mail delivery area. Additionally, and in exceptional circumstances, the delivery time may change due to unforeseen situations. The address for delivery used will be the one defined by the customer during the registration process on the website. If the customer wishes for a delivery at a different address, this information needs to be added during the online purchase in the specific area. If the customer wishes to send items to different addresses, an order for each purchase must be performed. This also means that shipping charges will be applied for each order. Incorrect addresses are the full responsibility of the customer and it may lead to additional reissuing and reshipping costs that will only take place after the necessary payments are issued.

If you have not received your order in the delivery time previously stipulated, or if you have any further questions, please contact us via email to online@uniiorganic.com.


The price of the products sold by UNII is indicated and charged in Euros (€) and includes 23% VAT, per Portuguese legislation. Transportation costs are added to the total price whenever applicable. UNII reserves the right to update the prices on the website whenever deemed appropriate. However, once the order is confirmed, the prices confirmed upon purchase will remain unaltered in spite of price update on the website. Please note that in spite of utmost attention, it is possible that users may discover incorrect information on pricing and promotions. In such cases, UNII takes no responsibility for such offers and promotions, and reserves the right to cancel any order(s) made using the incorrect information.

UNII will only proceed with shipment for order where payment has already been checked and confirmed. Payment through UNII’s website is safe and secure.


Your order will be available until 23:59 the next day. After this period, if the payment has not occurred, it is canceled and must create a new order, subject to the stock available at the time.


Shipping charges are applied in a per order basis. This means that total costs will be determined by the total amount of the purchase and the country/region to which it will be delivered to.

A table with information on shipping costs and delivery times for the various countries on which UNII is represented can be found below.

Portugal and
Spain (except islands)
0 a 2kg 3,90€ VASP/CTT 1-2 business days
2 a 5kg 4,90€ VASP/CTT 1-2 business days
5 a 10kg 5,50€ VASP/CTT 1-2 business days
Azores and Madeira 0 a 2kg 11,00€ VASP More than 5 working days
2 a 10kg 15,00€ VASP More than 5 working days

Baleares and Canárias

0 a 2kg 11,00€ CTT More than 5 working days
2 a 10kg 15,00€ CTT More than 5 working days
Zona 1 0 a 5kg 16,00€ CTT More than 7 working days
Zona 2 0 a 5kg 22,00€ CTT More than 7 working days
Zona 3 0 a 2kg 56,00€ CTT More than 7 working days
2 a 5kg 101,00€ CTT More than 7 working days


Zone 1 – Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Andorra, France, Liechtenstein, Vatican, Austria, Gibraltar, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Monaco.

Zone 2 – Albania, Slovenia, Lithuania, Serbia, Angola, Estonia, Macedonia, Sweden, Belarus, Finland, Malta, Turkey, Bosnia – Herzegovina, Greece, Mozambique, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Guinea-Bissau, Moldova, Cape Verde, Hungary, Montenegro , Czech Rep., Faroe Islands, Norway, Cyprus, Ireland, Poland, Croatia, Iceland, United Kingdom, Denmark, Kosovo, Romania, Slovakia, Latvia, São Tomé and Príncipe.

Zones 3 – Rest of the world.

The above costs are added automatically upon completion of the order. Additionally, these costs do not include any import taxes applicable to transportation and handling of goods that are charged by the destination country.


Upon reception of the order, the customer must inspect the packaging in order to ascertain any damage. Should there be any products damaged, the customer must not accept the package, instead it must return it. UNII will reissue the order and resend it with no additional costs.

If for some reason the customer is not satisfied with the order, the purchase agreement may be terminated within 14 DAYS after reception. To proceed with the cancellation, UNII must be notified via email to online@uniiorganic.com to be informed that the item will be returned.

After completion of the abovementioned communication, UNII will provide the necessary guidelines to return the package. In case of partial or total refund of the order, UNII will return the amount paid by the customer, excluding transportation costs and any import and/or customs fees. Refund will be carried out after reception and assessment of the returned items. To avoid any misplacement of the order, UNII recommends that returned items are sent through registered mail.

For the purpose of refund, returned items must meet, cumulatively, the following requirements: 1) the product must not have been washed or used; 2) The product must present its original features and the packaging must not be damaged (the package cannot be open and should keep its original labels); 3) The product must be complete. Products that have been subject to tampering are not returnable nor refundable.


For more information please contact us via email to online@uniiorganic.com. We also recommend users to check our FAQ section on the website.


UNII strives to guarantee that every article available for purchase on the website is also available in stock. Additionally, UNII reserves the right to reject or cancel confirmed orders for items listed as available on stock, when in fact, due to a technical malfunction, the website update was delayed and the items were not available on stock at the time of the purchase. In such cases, UNII is responsible for, and will make sure to reimburse the customer on the total amount paid.


The terms herein described as well as its disputes are in agreement with and will be handled by the Portuguese Law.